What is your part in these ministries?


  You Can Become A Partner By Donating Us:


  1. $50 as monthly pay for a village minister

  2. $30 every month to care for an orphan child

  3. $100 to meet printing expenses of the magazine

  4. $2000 to meet the expenditure for releasing a volume of songs cassette

  5. $500 needed to conduct small gospel meetings in villages

  6. You can uphold the community service by promising any amount every month

  7. You can provide monitory help to build small churches in villages, children's home buildings and Old Age home building.

  8. You can help to buy a van to take the children to school and bring them back. This will also be useful for village ministries

  9. You can help to meet the education expenses of the minister's children.

  10. You can help to meet the expenses to conduct vocation Bible School at many villages.